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Welcome to Expanding Times

Welcome to Expanding Times

Welcome to Expanding Times, where you get the latest curated and original content on Spiritual Awakening and living in Health, Joy and Abundance in these expanding times. We are truly living in the most amazing time of rapid evolution, but it can also feel scary and overwhelming at times.  It feels like time is flying by and that we can hardly ... Read More »

Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality and spiritual awakening

Hello, I’m Karen Waters, the co-founder of Expanding Times and Sandhan & I want to welcome you to our Authority site on Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening.  Our Mission and Passion is simple – to provide resources to support you in these challenging times of ‘The Shift’ in consciousness that we’re all experiencing on Earth right now.  Our ‘raison d’etre’ is ... Read More »

2013 and Beyond: Fireside Chat Podcast 23

Fireside Chat 23

Before I summarize our latest Fireside Chat, reviewing 2013 and beyond, I wanted to share this wonderfully uplifting quote from Carlos Barrios, a Mayan priest, historian, anthropologist, researcher and an expert in the Sacred Maya Calendar. Hopefully it will give you a more positive outlook on all these current shifts and changes. “Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now ... Read More »

Signs We Are Moving from 3D to 5D : Fireside Chat 22

Fireside Chat 22

Moving from 3D to 5D is not without its birthing pains! But it IS happening! And the pace is certainly revving up, don’t you reckon? In this week’s call Karen and I revisit some of what you might be feeling as we bridge the gap between the old ways of doing and fearing and transition through the ‘sticky grey matter’ ... Read More »

Jim Self Planetary Update for December 2013

Planetary Update December 2013 Jim Self

Here is the Planetary Update for December 2013 by Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy.   Here is an introduction to Jim’s December update. Many changes are coming to the surface both in the external world and in the internal world. We are in the transition from caterpillar to butterfly and we really don’t fit into either category right now, so ... Read More »

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